Creating and Sustaining

Creating and sustaining positive energy is described by futurist Bob Johansen in his book The New Leadership Literacies as an aspect of leadership that will be essential in the next 10 years. Creating and sustaining positive energy, I believe, has always been the work of spiritual leaders.  We create and sustain positive energy through our engagement … More Creating and Sustaining

Packing for Travel

Leadership is about navigating change.  To be more precise, one of the main elements of leadership is about navigating change.  Leadership can also be about visioning change, creating change, managing change, and even cleaning up after change.  The element of navigating change is however always present for the spiritual leader because someone, some situation, or … More Packing for Travel

Thriving in Ministry

Beginning in March 2017 David Gortner, my faculty colleague, and I began conducting interviews about Thriving in Ministry.  Our questions were part of a planning grant process for the Lilly Endowment, Inc. One of the questions was what are the marks of a clergy person who is thriving and thereby supports of vitality of the … More Thriving in Ministry

Are Spiritual Leaders always leaning in different directions?

Several years ago a well respected church consultant told me that he thought pastors and governing boards will always be at odds.  “The system is set up that way,” he said  Ever since I have been trying different ways to align a congregation’s mission, vision, resources, worries, and personalities so that the best possible working … More Are Spiritual Leaders always leaning in different directions?

Is a FB post enough?

Is a FB query and comments enough leadership guidance for entry into a new ministry?  The FB question was very specific about transition to a new parish.  The comments illustrated good experience.  And, while social media gets information out quickly I was hesitant to add a comment.  I could not make a quick answer to … More Is a FB post enough?


On Saturday in Washington, DC I marched with my daughter, my closet friend, and at least 500,000 others for the dignity of all people.   Now ,the inner confirmation that I acted, I spoke, I marched generates within me hope for the many, many, days ahead for the work that needs to be done. The … More Aftermath