Are Spiritual Leaders always leaning in different directions?

Several years ago a well respected church consultant told me that he thought pastors and governing boards will always be at odds.  “The system is set up that way,” he said  Ever since I have been trying different ways to align a congregation’s mission, vision, resources, worries, and personalities so that the best possible working … More Are Spiritual Leaders always leaning in different directions?

Is a FB post enough?

Is a FB query and comments enough leadership guidance for entry into a new ministry?  The FB question was very specific about transition to a new parish.  The comments illustrated good experience.  And, while social media gets information out quickly I was hesitant to add a comment.  I could not make a quick answer to … More Is a FB post enough?


On Saturday in Washington, DC I marched with my daughter, my closet friend, and at least 500,000 others for the dignity of all people.   Now ,the inner confirmation that I acted, I spoke, I marched generates within me hope for the many, many, days ahead for the work that needs to be done. The … More Aftermath

Welcome Learners, Leaders, and Wanders

Spiritual Leaders is a regular blog post to explore both the dimensions of leadership and the dimensions of spirituality.  I write as a Christian.  Yet, my inspiration that opens me to learning comes from many faith traditions and points of view.  For example, yesterday I listened to On Being’s interview with Gordon Hempton, an environmental … More Welcome Learners, Leaders, and Wanders