Each day is a new normal.  Over the last weeks as the Covid-19 uncertainty and chaos unfolded, the new normal was at the end of March.  Then it moved to the first week in April.  By Monday, it was clear it would stretch at least beyond Easter.  As institutions of learning moved to on-line learning … More New-Normal-for-Now

Thriving in Ministry@VTS

Thriving in Ministry@VTS launched two years ago with our initial six peer learning communities and the twelve mentors who facilitate the conversations. David Gortner and Carol Pinkham Oak shaped the learning experience to honor the automony of adult learners because adults bring a lot of experience and prior knowledge to all learning. The learning process … More Thriving in Ministry@VTS

Digital Literacy

Just like there are 100 great books of Western Civilization that open the door to European and American culture, I am starting to wonder when someone will declare the 50 digital literacy skills that unlock full participation in contemporary communication.  Perhaps someone already has and I missed it.  And, even though my education is based … More Digital Literacy