The lay leaders and clergy who are seeking to learn what they need to lead form The Network for Spiritual Leaders.   The connections through blog comments and through our Contact Us Page enable those who lead congregations to share questions, discover learning groups, find a mentor, and request support. These leaders who guide, decide, communicate, listen, and look ahead on behalf of the congregation can learn from one another and learn from the experience of others. The Rev. Dr. Carol Pinkham Oak and the Rt. Rev. John Rabb form the backbone of The Network.

The Network for Spiritual Leaders offers conversations, consultations, and networking for clergy and laity focused on key matters such as transitions, conflict, and opportunities for growth and development. Our conversations in the past have covered:

Clergy leaders leaving well and entering well
Good practices for interim clergy

Preparing for a new call

Congregational assessment in preparation for a call
Reflecting on key events in the congregation’s history

Warden’s Spiritual Leadership
Conflict conversations
Family Systems Theory to locate on-going problems
Reduction of anxiety in order to seek resolution
Positive steps moving forward

These are conversations for networking, learning, and sharing resources and not services attached to fees. 


As consultants John and Carol also offer longer programs for leaders such as:

The Enneagram

Fierce Conversations

Mentoring/coaching clergy and congregational leaders for building a vital congregation

For these longer programs planning and fees are part of the process. The fees are negotiable. 


The Rev. Dr. Carol Pinkham Oak
The Right Rev. John L. Rabb